Written & Video Review: Fab Defense GRADUS AR grip

Written & Video Review: Fab Defense GRADUS AR grip

Written & Video Review: Fab Defense GRADUS AR grip 1
GRADUS   According to Latin word searches it is: noun, literally "position" or "step", root for the term "grade" as in the slope of a road. I'm assuming it's relevant to the product referring to the angle of the grip. The "Gradus" angle being about 50 percent less than the customary angle of an AR-style grip.

GRADUS Innovation

    Ever wonder why it takes so long to discover a good thing? Why you've tolerated a situation just because that's the way it's always been? Then, finally, marvel at the change and the simplicity of the solution?
That's the way it was with me and the "GRADUS SOLUTION" from Fab Defense. The GRADUS is a low angle, 15 degree replacement grip that conforms to a more natural and ergonomic style that is remarkably more comfortable than what is offered on most firearms in the industry today. Most shooters don't realize how much further their wrist is canting to accommodate the angle of the grip that is on their firearm. They just do it and adapt to the action out of necessity. Not only is the angle of the GRADUS correct, but it incorporates a pleasing and gentle palm swell with rubberized texturing which provides a perfectly tactile sensation.

Written & Video Review: Fab Defense GRADUS AR grip 2

Gradus PROs -

    The first time I tried the GRADUS it honestly was a WOW moment for me. You just don't realize that it is so much better until you actually try it. Just then comes that sheepish awareness that you've been doing it wrong all this time and you glance around to see if anyone else noticed the light come on in your head. The GRADUS is very reasonably priced in a couple of styles and colors, and I highly recommend giving one a try. Trust me you will see what I mean.

Cons -

    If there was one thing that could be improved upon, for me, it would be to take the rubberized texture to the next level and make it even more pliable. To be sure, the feel is good but I think it could be even better. There's nothing like a solid grip to give the confidence a shooter needs to hit the mark.

Written & Video Review: Fab Defense GRADUS AR grip 3


    Makes me want to take a closer look at the full FAB DEFENSE product line. Dont resist the urge to order a GRADUS for your other firearms that will accept the change, you deserve it. Tell 'em I said so.

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The review made by Kenny Bill.
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