Frequently Asked Questions

Our products are manufactured by MAROM-DOLPHIN, FAB-DEFENSE, Aimpoint, Vortex Optics, KIRO Holsters Laser Ammo, IGB and B&T as they offer the best products in these categories. You can find out more about the item you are interested in, by searching  their sites (product names are identical to the ones in our store).For marom-dolphin products go to: www.marom-dolphin.com.For Fab products go to www.fab-defense.comVortex Optics: www.vortexoptics.comAimpoint: www.aimpoint.comKIRO Holsters: www.kiroholsters.comLaser Ammo: www.laser-ammo.comStill have questions? Contact us!
Within 48 hours from ordering, you will receive an Email, with the shipping date and your tracking number. To track your package go to www.track-trace.com/post and insert your tracking number. For the first few days it will only show when the package was shipped. Further information will become available when the package arrives at your local post office. To see it, you can press "select country"  and choose your country.
Step 1: Put your tracking number inside the box and click "Track with options" (www.track-trace.com/post).
Step 2: To check if your order has been received in your country and to further trace it click "Select country" on the left side of the page.
Step 3: Choose your country.
Follow the instructions in our "Become A Dealer" page.
Refuse the delivery when it arrives. If you will not accept it, it will be returned back to us without any additional charge. When we receive a notification that your order is in process of returning to us we will offer to exchange the product your ordered or to refund it.
On rare cases the package get stopped for security clearance. I may happen sometimes due to the nature of those products. On those cases, we have to wait until it releases which normally takes less then a week.If by any chance you can not trace it after a week of receiving tracking number, please contact us and we will do everything in our power to solve it.
Your warranty coverage is offered through the manufacturer and will differ across brands.Many of the companies we represent such as Fab Defense offers manufacturer lifetime warranty on most of their products and others offer 2-10 years of manufacturer warranty.The exception is Vortex Optics that provides "VIP Lifetime Warranty" that guarantees a replacement or exhange if anything happens to the product.You may look at our Warranty page for more detailed information.Note that we enforce those warranties which means that you can contact us instead of the factories and we will take care of the berucarcy and your issue.
We accept PayPal, GoogleWallet and Credit-Cards. We do not store any credit card information in our site, credit cards are cleared by PayPal Direct. In addition you can send us your Email address, and request a PayPal invoice. We also accept money order / cashier check upon, contact us for more information.
We do our best to avoid sending the wrong products but if we did, we apologize for the mistake and will offer you to exchange it for the right product or return it, free of charge, for a refund.
The vast majority of all orders arrive within 14 business days from ordering (many arrive sooner) via Israel Post or USPS. If you wish to receive your order faster, we also offer EMS shipment which takes 3-7 business days to arrive at your door.
If it has been 14 business days or more, and your package didn’t arrive yet, please check your tracking information on www.track-trace.com/post: Insert your tracking number and press "track with options", there you can see the shipping information. For further information press "select country" and choose your country. If there is no information- let us know! Contact us and we will offer a solution.