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ZFI-Inc – Distributing to dealers in more than 30 countries since 2005.

We welcome you to become one of our preferred business partners!

We will be happy to assist you to open a store or an online website selling our products.

Our advantages:

  • Best dealer pricing and discounts for large orders.
  • Low shipping and handling costs.
  • Fast delivery – we stock large quantities of all the products and work on a weekly basis with the manufacturers
  • Flexibility in shipping - we pack and ship according to your needs and requests.
  • We accept PayPal, Credit Card and Bank Transfers.
  • A Dedicated Operations Manager - Is available for every inquiry and questions you have!
  • B2B Order Management System

Order Process:
To simplify the order processing we add our dealers to our B2B order management solution (Dealer Relay - https://www.dealer-relay.com)
There you will be able to view all of our newest products, up to date prices, order and transfer payments directly.
But most of all we are committed to our clients satisfaction.

To get access to our products catalog and pricing through our B2B Order Management system please fill the form and schedule a call with our sales representetive right after the form:

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In addition to the regular products distribution we provide complete tactical solutions (including custom made),

we work closely with the finest manufacturers around the world and have a vast experience in making every deal you need go smoothly.

Worldwide Dropshipping Service:

Worldwide Dropshipping is available for the same dealer pricing, If you are interested in more information:

Brands We Represent:

KIRO Holsters

Vortex Optics

CAA Industries

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Corner Shot



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Laser Ammo

IMI Defense

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Marom Dolphin

IGB Austria


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“ZFI-Inc” – Manufacturer of Bulletproof vests, body armor and security textile products with the factory Marom Dolphin Ltd.

"FAB Defnese" - Manufacturer of guns and firearms accessories including pdw conversion kits (www.fab-defense.com).

"Kiro Holsters" - hand made leather holsters (www.kiroholsters.com)

"Meprolight" - Manufacturer of gun & firearm optics and tritium sights (only for non US dealers). (www.meprolight.com)

"T.A.S-Sights" - Manufacturer of Patent gun sights ranging from optical, fiber optics and tritium sights. (www.tas-sights.com)

"Aimpoint" - sights and optics. (www.aimpoint.com)

"Vortex Optics" - Range of red dot sights, scopes & binculers . (www.vortexoptics.com)

"Laser Ammo" - Laser training, electronic targets & simulators (www.laser-ammo.com)

"IGB Barrel Technology" - State of the art Barrel Technology from Austria (www.igbaustria.com)

"CornerShot" - Weapon system platform that provides the ability to observe and engage a target from behind a corner (www.cornershot.com)

"Romtes" - Interactive live-fire targets and tactical training target systems for military and law enforcement agencies (www.romtes.com)

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