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ZFI-inc is an Israel-American based company, founded by ex-IDF (Israeli Army) officers, for the purpose of marketing and distributing top-quality defense accessories made by the finest Israeli manufacturers known worldwide, at affordable prices.

ZFI-Inc specializes in selling body armors, holsters, pouches, and weapon accessories produced by FAB DEFENSE, Marom Dolphin Ltd., and more.

ZFI-inc is a supplier for law enforcement agencies, security companies, and civilians around the world. All the products are combat-proven and in use by the IDF.

Our excellent reputation as sellers is well-known on eBay, Amazon, and other online selling arenas, with over 20,000 satisfied customers for the last 16+ years.

ZFI-inc accepts payment through PayPal and all kinds of credit cards.


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Free Shipping to Selected Countries

100% Money Back Guarantee

Lowest Price Guarantee

We ship worldwide for free for selected countries!

If you are unsatisfied in some way, just send us a message.

Feel free to google our products, if you find the product you want for lower on some else website, send us a message and we will beat that price!

ZFI Inc Projects

Established in 2003, ZFI Inc is a globally recognized authority in the defense industry. Our commitment to quality, safety, and legal compliance is reflected in our licenses as a firearm importer and manufacturer in the United States, which have been instrumental in our growth and global expansion.

ZFI Inc has managed complex defense projects spanning diverse geographies across continents. We have facilitated multi-million dollar contracts and undertaken large-scale operations, partnering with law enforcement agencies, military organizations, and police departments worldwide. These engagements have cemented our reputation for dependability and proficiency in the international defense landscape.

At the core of our offerings is a comprehensive end-to-end service. This encompasses the development, sourcing, manufacturing, testing, and integration of customized tactical solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Our wide product range includes armored vehicles, firearms, ammunition, optics, drones, electro-optics, personal protection equipment, border protection systems, smart targets, anti-riot gear, and cyber defense solutions.

In addition to these services, our innovative land solutions integrate land-based and aerial force protection systems, surveillance and reconnaissance technology, ground vehicle integration, C4I systems, integrated digital soldier technology, and protective equipment. These solutions are designed to enhance the operational readiness and superiority of land forces for all types of missions.

With a network of dealers and distributors extending to over 80 countries, ZFI Inc has a truly global footprint. Our mission is not only to provide effective, sophisticated defense solutions, but also to empower our clients to confidently confront modern security challenges. More than just a provider of equipment, ZFI Inc is committed to bolstering global security, one project at a time.

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