Written and Video Review: IGB 10" threaded 9mm Barrel

Written and Video Review: IGB 10" threaded 9mm Barrel
Written and Video Review: IGB 10" threaded 9mm Barrel 1

Hey guys, GoldenWebb here, I’m a gun Youtuber from Kentucky. Today I’m reviewing the IGB 10 Inch drop in barrel for a gen 3/4 Glock 17 9mm pistol.

Let me start out by saying, this thing is something else. I’ve always thought the 4.5-inch barrel in the stock 17s was long enough, but after dropping in one of these barrels, I don’t think I could ever go back!

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Velocity and Accuracy -
The positives of this barrel range from having a higher velocity and more accuracy due to the bullet being in the groves of the barrel longer and the powder being able to fully ignite by the time the bullet leaves the barrel.

The bullets hit exactly where my stock sights were sighted in at from factory so no adjustments were needed at ranges from 7-25 yards to even 150 yards plus.

Recoil -
Even recoil is barely visible while shooting with this 10-inch barrel.

Threaded Barrel -
These barrels also have a thread at the end, so you could attach anything from a suppressor to a muzzle flash and keep on trucking with it.

Price -
For currently 339$ (US) I think this barrel is worth every dime. I’ve had more fun and use out of this product than any other barrel I’ve had in the past.

My personal opinion -
I believe the perfect setup with this barrel would be a Glock 17 MOS edition (Red Dot Ready) and sighting it in at 50/100 yards. With the accuracy and velocity you have with this barrel, I don’t have a doubt in my mind that this wouldn’t be ideal for hunting scenarios.

I plan on taking my Glock 17 with the IGB 10 inch barrel hunting this year with hopes of tagging a whitetail deer in the mountains of Kentucky.

I truly think that if you're in the market for adding more smack to your bullets and more range to your shot, you can’t get much better then the IGB 10 Inch Barrel.

Thanks guys and God Bless!

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The Video Review for IGB 10" threaded 9mm Barrel:

you can watch the IGB 10" threaded 9mm Barrel review here:

The Video Review made by GoldenWebb Channel from the USA.
Check out my gun channel atwww.youtube.com/c/goldenwebb

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