Spetember's additions to FAB Defense product line

Spetember's Additions to FAB Defense Product Line

This month we are proud to present FAB-Defense® two new arrivals to thier products line

Every product FAB Defense have to offer, we offer as well. You will be able to find the new products in our site in the upcoming days if you can't wait please contact us at: zfiinc@gmail.com

They are already in stock!

UAS AKMS P (stamped under folder) Buttstock Adaptors
Spetember's additions to FAB Defense product line 1

The new AKMS (stamped under-folder) aluminum adaptor allows you to mount any of our AK polymer hinge buttstock systems to your AKMS.

These innovative adaptors are Available for the UAS-AKP tactical folding buttstock with built-in cheek piece, the M4-AKP collapsible folding buttstock system and for the M4-AKP SB shock absorbing collapsible folding buttstock system.

2nd Generation Speedlight Tactical Flashlights
Spetember's additions to FAB Defense product line 2

Our Highly Durable Speedlight G2 3V & Speedlight 6V - 1 inch Tactical Flashlights incorporates a neat State-Of The-Art design for your Tactical Light solutions.

Presenting a more powerful & more advanced LED, housed within an improved solid aluminum water-tight casing, made for superior thermal isolation, heat dissipation and carved grip ribbons for better manual operation.

The New Additions:

Speedlight G2 3V - 378 Lumen LED More info

Speedlight G2 6V - 590 Lumen LED More info

PR3 G2 - Speedlight G2 3V with picatinny rail adaptar (378 Lumen LED) More info

T-POD SL G2 - T-Pod G1 with Speedlight G2 3V (378 Lumen LED) More info

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