Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock

Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock by Fab Defense
Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 1

My name is Guy Samila, I am 35 years old, Israeli police detective for 12 years now.

I would like to share with you - my review on the super light Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock.

First, I would like to thank ZFI-Inc for sending me this holster, I appreciate it very much.

Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 2

The Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster:

The Scorpus Covert G-9 holster is a unique inside waistband holster due to its weight and design, it only weighs 67 gram and made out of a very durable polymer that enables him to be this light and flexible.

It comes with two replaceable belt clips, 1.5-inch clip and a 1.75-inch clip for you to choose which one fits your belt while carrying. It is easy to replace the belt clip by pressing its button and pull and replace it with the other.

There is a removable covert spacer for additional concealment, which allows you to tuck in the gun closer to your body, and an adjustable retention screw for tightening or loosening the gun retention for your convenience.

The ergonomic rounded sweat guard of this holster is very important to keep your gun from sweat and rubbing the gun against your skin.

Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 3

Testing the Scorpus Covert G-9:

I am carrying my Glock 19 gen 3 with this holster and let me tell you, folks, it is incredibly convenient. I carried it on my jeans with the 1.5-inch clip and I was amazingly surprised how comfortable it was, it sits tight on the belt, and when you add the covert spacer, it sits even tighter and allows it to remain more concealed.

Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 4

The SCORPUS COVERT fits a wide range of Glock models and also a variety of other handguns, I have also tried the holster with the new SMITH&WESSON gun, the M&P 9 full size, and fits like a glove although they don't name this brand on their package.

For those of you left handed people do not worry, it is Available for both Right Hand and Left-Hand configuration.

If you have aftermarket sights there is no need to worry, the scorpus covert has enough space for it not to get caught and allows you to draw your gun and place it back smoothly.

Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 5

The part which I loved the most about this holster, it is the fact that it doesn’t scratch your gun at all, I pulled out my gun from it and put it back again approximately a hundred times during this past two weeks and let me tell you, there isn't even the slightest scratch on my gun, thanks to the durable and flexible polymer material that he made of.

As far as the angle of the gun while it is in the holster, for me, it was just perfect, exactly as I love to carry my gun, the gun sits well and doesn't drown in your jeans which allows you to get a good grip on the gun while drawing it out, there is quite enough space to get a good grip even before you draw out your gun, I love it.

Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 6

Sitting down while the holster is on you is very comfortable and even while driving I find it very convenient, drawing your gun out while sitting down is not an issue at all, and also placing the gun back to the holster while sitting is quite easy.

Summary of the review:

So, to sum up this review, I would like to say I was surprised how comfortable this holster is, at first look, it might not seem like it, but I guarantee it is very comfortable and convenient. If I was asked to rank the SCORPUS COVERT inside waistband holster between 1 to 10 I would definitely go for 8.5.

I think that FAB DEFENCE really put a lot of thought and effort to invent this holster.

I recommend you to get one for yourself, it will be a good choice.

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Review - Scorpus Covert G-9 Holster For Glock 7

This review was written by Guy Samila an Israeli Police Detective for ZFI Inc.

Thank you Guy.

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