TJ009 - TJ Sight Red - Tritium sight - For Glock

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The new J sight was introduced along with a prototype TJ Night Sight version to get customer reaction on the premise. The overall enthusiasm for both sight was great and TAS launched the J sight some months thereafter.

T.A.S searched for a Tritium supplier and in mid-2013 found the best company in Israel to do the Tritium installation.

The positive attitude from YOUTUBE and other testers convinced T.A.S not to do Beta testing and the TJ sights reached the market as a complete product.



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Quick target acquisition using a one line of sights to target with a 6 o` clock hold ,using the TJ sight and your front sight as an 8 ball pattern.
Quick adjustment for  windage with our new torx wrench retaining system.

Use of both eyes open with or without corrective lenses.
24/7 ( day and night ) aiming Dot.
As all T.A.S variant sights TJ are designed for emergency one hand racking using the sight front.

As all T.A.S sights TJ are designed for very fast target acquisition, greater accuracy, low profile and a very simple installation process.

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