RBT-K47 FAB AK47/74 Collapsible Buffer Tube

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REINFORCED COLLAPSIBLE POLYMER AK47 BUFFER TUBE converts your AK47/74 OEM stock to M16/M4 collapsible stock.



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The RBT-K47 Reinforced Polymer AK47 Buffer Tube, converts your AK47/74 OEM stock to M16/M4 collapsible stock.


  • Buffer End Expands Inside the Receiver when Bolts are Secure and Eliminates any Noise and Rattling
  • Fits Your AK47/74
  • Compatable to FAB's GLR-16S Tactical Buttstock
  • No Gunsmith Required
  • Constructed from Reinforced Polymer Composite, Light weight
  • Bolt on Design for Easy Fit
  • Self Adjustable to Any Stamped Receiver, No Drilling or Carving Required
  • Super Rugged Design 8 Position Holes for Best Fit of the Stock to your Battle Stanch
  • Recoil Reducing Buffer Will Improve Accuracy and "Targets in Sights" During Rapid Fire Rates

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