Olight O-Refill Replacement Version 2 for the OPen 2, OPen 3, OPen Mini, OPen Pro (3-Pack) (O-Refill V2)

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Excellent refill for the O Pen. Good dark BLACK ink. Writes extremely smooth. Tip has plastic/wax coating to help keep refill from drying out before use.
No blotting nor skipping so far. ALWAYS make sure you get VERSION 2 as original refills had lots of proble





  •  Dimensions: the diameter of the pen filling is 45 x 13 x 80 mm, compatible with pen lamp Open 2 by Olight. 3 pieces O-refill are included.
  •  The lead has a bullet tip with a line width of 0.6 mm, which allows a clean writing flow without scratching. A great addition to your writing deliveries.
  •  Good quality: the ballpoint pen refill is made of metal, lightweight and smooth. The ink dries quickly with an even ink flow and does not bleed through.
  •  SUITABLE FOR VARIOUS WRITING OCCASIONS: The metal ballpoint pen refills are suitable for office, shop, school and home etc.


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