Mosin Nagant Stock New High Quality Aluminum Chassis & Handguard by KPYK-CRC 7U001 for Sale

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Are you looking to upgrade your wooden stock Mosin Nagant rifle? If you do, we have the an absolutely great chassis by "Crook" (also known as KPYK) that will replace your current chassis with fully aluminum chassis that will last several lifetimes, allow you to install third party triggers and add an M-LOK interface for mounting various accessories.

In addition, this Crook chassis is compatible with AR type pistol grips which will provide you with unlimited options of pistol grip modifications, frankly, I can not think of better option than that.

This chassis will accept a standard tube so you can put your butt stock of choice.




Mosin Nagant Stock New High-Quality Aluminum Chassis & Handguard by KPYK-CRC 7U001 for Sale


In 2015, our team embarked on an ambitious project to create a modern tuning package for more than one hundred years old Mosin-Nagant rifle.

Why did we choose the Mosin? Because it is one of the hardest for such tuning of rifles and of course - because we can!

In the complete set of Mosin Nagant New High-Quality Aluminum Chassis & Handguard CRC 7U001 you will find the followings:

  1. Chassis - aluminum alloy 7075 T651.
  2. Handguard - aluminum alloy 6082 T6. Handguard has M-Lok accessories mounts. The kit includes 3 rails length of 80 mm.

Please note that the kit only includes the chassis, handguard and 3 Picatinny rails.

The buttstock, scope mount and other accessories are purchased separately.

The basic tasks was:

Task 1 - to bring ergonomics and ease of use of a century-old rifle to the standards of modern weapons.

Task 2 - to realize the de-mountable magazine.

Task 3 - give an opportunity in the presence of a good barrel for an affordable price to get an accurate rifle.

How to Install?

Just remove the Mosin-Nagant wood stock and drop the action into this chassis.

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