Marom Dolphin Tactical Spotter Kit - Full Kit (BG5441)

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Marom Dolphin Tactical Spotter Kit - Full Kit (BG5441)




The spotter kit was designed to organize comfortably and efficiently all the necessary peripheral equipment every spotter needs. The kit is lightweight and easy to operate. The kit was designed specifically to provide a maximum operational solution with minimum weight and volume. The total weight of the kit is only 3,140 grams. The Tactical Spotter Kit contains:

Marom Dolphin Tactical Spotter Kit - Full Kit (BG5441) 16

The Kit Contains the Following Products:

Multipurpose Shooting Mat (MPSM):

Lightweight and compact shooting mat. Provides maximum comfort and insulation to the shooter in all conditions. The MPSM folds into a comfortable shooting chair with back support for maximum efficiency. The MPSM allows attaching a camouflage tent and can be used as a stretcher in case of emergency

Size (cm): Open - 99 x 155 Closed - 33 x 9 x 22 Weight: 1,000 grams

Spotter optics tray
Allowing maximum comfort and time efficiency in the field. One platform for all observation devices such: observer scope, laser range finder, IR laser pointer, ballistic calculator, thermal camera and more. Adjustable in a matter of seconds so all devices point to the same spot. The optics tray moves all devices together. When the spotter finds the target, he can immediately range the distance without losing eye contact for more than one second. Fast connectors allow connecting the tactical binder to the tray for maximum comfort.

Size (cm): 22x5x9 Weight: 550 grams

Tactical Binder

A5 size large volume data book cover, ballistic charts, and small gear organizer. Contains transparent pockets for essential spotter data (range card, ballistic charts,target info and more). The tactical binder contains special pockets for kestrel, stationery and light sticks for night time operations.
Size (cm): 25x20x5 Weight: 410 grams

Tripod Gear Pouch:

Large volume pouch that connects to the tripod legs and provides a large dump pouch for general needs.
Size (cm): Folded - 12x7x6, Open - 32 x 15 Weight: 130 grams

Universal scope camouflage cover:

Simple and fast attachment for lens camouflaging, by preventing the shine of the lens. The special mesh allows attaching vegetation and burlap for maximum 3D camo.
Size (cm): 18x18x15 Weight: 40 grams

Tactical wind flag:

Wind direction and speed indicator, allows for fast and easy attachment in the field.
Size (cm): 30 Weight: 55 grams

Kit Go Bag:

16L bag for organizing all the kit components, allows easy transport. The bag has three outer pockets for better organization and accessibility of the gear inside the bag.
Size (cm): 40 x 22 x 18 Weight: 550 grams

Tactical wrist pouch:

Provides the sniper accessible ballistic charts within eyesight.
Size (cm): 14 x 10 Weight: 40 grams

Finger Flashlight Pouch:

Designed to allow operation of flashlight / laser with one hand.
Size (cm): 5 x 5 Weight: 20 gram

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