M4-VZPSB - Fab M4 Shock Absorbing Collapsible Folding Buttstock for VZ.58 (POLYMER JOINT)

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The M4-VZPSB Buttstock Provides your VZ-58 With a collapsible, side folding and Shock Absorbing stock with a Polymer Joint.




The M4-VZPSB Buttstock Provides your VZ-58 With a collapsible, side folding and Shock Absorbing stock with a Polymer Joint.


  • Shock Absorbing Reduces Recoil
  • Non Slip Design Provides Superior Shoulder Positioning Enhancing Tactical Performance
  • Stock Manufactured to Fit Your VZ-58
  • After Market Sized 6061 Hard Anodized Aluminum Buffer Tube
  • Fit Any M4 Stock
  • Sealed Compartment
  • Quick Stock Deployment Folds to the Left Side
  • Ideal for Use in Confined Areas and Close-Quarter Engagements
  • Minimal Size when Folded




  • When using the Shock Absorbing Buttstock System, it is strictly prohibited to place any body parts on top or above the exposed part of the shock absorbing tube (with an emphasis on the shooter’s cheek).




Weight 658 gr
Width 47 mm
Height 130 mm
Length 274 mm
Length (open / deployed) 333 mm


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