M4-MP5 Fab Defense M4 Folding Buttstock For MP5

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M4-MP5-FK Fab Defense M4 Folding Buttstock For MP5




The M4-MP5 Folding and Collapsible Buttstock for the Heckler & Koch MP5 provides you with upgraded tactical versatility.


  • Rock solid One Piece Ergonomic Design
  • Provides Optimal Eye to Target Alignment
  • Made from Reinforced Composite Materials
  • Permits Appropriate Clearance for Trigger Access when in Folded Position
  • Integrated Quick Detach Sling Swivel Connectors on Both Sides
  • Enhances Natural Fighting Stance and Hold on your MP5
  • Rubber Butt Plate for Reducing Recoil and Slipping
  • Locking is Released by the Push of a Button
  • Slightly Angled to Allow Optimal Sight Alignment
  • Spring lock on Folded Position
  • Opens by a Simple Pulling Motion and Locks
  • No Gunsmith Required
  • Provides Storage Compartment for Batteries
  • Right Folding Stock by Default
  • May be Configured to Fold to the Left Side (please designate your preference during purchase)


  • H&K: MP5, 33, 53 and variants

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