M4-Galil P SB Fab Defense Folding Collapsible Buttstock For Galil AR/SAR

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M4-Galil P SB-Fab Defense Folding Collapsible Buttstock For Galil AR/SAR




The M4-Galil P SB Shock Absorbing Buttstock replaces the original Galil stock with an M4 style collapsible and side folding stock with a built in shock absorbing mechanism.


  • Non slip Buttpad design for superior shoulder positioning and tactical performance
  • Integrated long lasting shock absorbing mechanism improves rapid fire accuracy
  • Water proof anti rattle storage compartment for two CR123 or AA batteries
  • After market sized 6061 hard anodized aluminum buffer tube
  • Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides
  • Locking is released by the push of a button
  • Spring lock on folded position, opens by a simple pulling motion and locks
  • Left folding stock by default
  • Available in black, olive drab green, or desert tan


  • Galil and Short Galil models (not including Micro Galil).

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