Laser Ammo SureStrike Premium Plus Kit - Training Kit - U.S.A Only!

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SureStrikeTM Premium Plus Kit



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SureStrikeTM Premium Plus Kit- everything you need to practice with your semi auto pistols at home!

The cartridge is activated by the impact of the firing pin to emit an eye safe laser pulse simulating the point of impact. This immediate feedback from the SureStrikeTM transforms the typical dry firing session into a powerful learning experience. Unlike other laser cartridges which are activated by vibration, SureStrike? is activated by the action of the striker or firing pin, which eliminates the possibility of misfires. A live round cannot be loaded in the breech, making it completely safe while training.
The SureStrikeTM Premium Plus Kit Contains:
  1. 9mm SureStrikeTM laser cartridge
  2. 40 SW adapter
  3. 45ACP adapter
  4. Short safety pipe and nut
  5. Extension pipe
  6. 6 reflective targets
  7. Camouflage carrying case
  8. Battery pack
  9. User Guide

Available?to US Citizens Only!

Additional Information:
U.P.C: 854855003750
Height: 8.75 (Inches)
Width: 6.75 (Inches)
Depth: 1.75 (Inches)
Weight: 1.2 pounds

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