Laser Ammo SureStrike 38 Special / 357 Revolver Pro Six Pack + 6 Targets - U.S.A Only!

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The SureStrikeTM Revolver Pro Six Pack



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Why wait for your revolvers cylinder to fully rotate back to your loaded SureStrikeTM chamber. With our SureStrikeTM 38/357 Pro Six Pack you can now fully load your revolver and train with laser dry fire with every pull of the trigger. Load the 38 Special / 357 cartridge into each of the cylinders and you are ready to shoot!

The 38 cap that is part of the 38 Special/ 357 cartridge, is interchangeable with all of the other back caps that Laser Ammo offers. Hang the included reflective targets up across a room, take aim, and pull the trigger. When you dry fire the SureStrike emits an eye safe shot of red laser light. You get instant visual feedback of shot placement. This immediate feedback from the SureStrike transforms regular plain dry fire into a powerful learning experience.
(*) There is no need to use the safety pipe and nut with a 38 Special/ 357 cartridge.

The SureStrikeTM Revolver Pro Six Pack Includes:

  1. 6x 38 Special/ 357 SureStrikeTM laser cartridges
  2. 6x reflective targets
  3. 6x Battery packs

Available?to US Citizens Only!


Additional Information:
Barcode: 854855003279
Height: 5.75 inches
Width: 3.85 inches
Depth: .4 inches
Weight: 1.2 pounds


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