KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Handmade Leather Belt for Gun Carry

KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Leather Belt for Gun Carry




KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Handmade Leather Belt for Gun Carry

KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Handmade Leather Belt for Gun Carry

Be ready for anything

Don’t step out of your home without your EDC tactical blades, weapons, and gear safely strapped around your waist due to poor belt performance. KIRO MOAB gun leather belts are here for you to ensure you are fully equipped to respond to any sudden hostile situation as you discharge your duty, meet with family or go shopping. These handmade leather belts are made of premium materials and the right thickness to ensure you get the best performance out of your belt.

Stay at the top of your game

In any hostile environment, every second count. Being unable to deploy your firearm in time due to a sagged or shrunk belt can lead to a devastating outcome. To avoid this, KIRO has built its CCW leather holster belts with the right amount of rigidity to ensure your handmade leather belts maintain their form regardless of the number of tactical gears you strap on. With these gun leather belts, you get 4.5cm width of fully-line HD holster to strap your gun and any other quickly deployable tactical gear.


No sacrifice on your comfort

When looking for the right leather carry belts for CCW, it is easy to focus on functionality instead of comfort. However, your comfort is also important to ensure you don’t act under stress, lose concentration on the task at hand, or get yourself in a funny and disadvantageous position. KIRO MOAB leather belts for gun holster provide you with the right amount of functionality needed to be at your best without compromising on comfort. These leather belts for concealed carrying gives you enough room to breathe and comes with the right finish to boost comfort.


Eliminate unwanted surprises

No one wants to be walking on the street with full confidence only to hear the regrettable snap and down their wears go due to cheap belts. This is mostly true for first responders with all their tactical gears and firearms to lose. With KIRO MOAB heavy-duty concealment belts you don’t have to worry about this awful experience. These gun leather belts are made of premium steer-hide and nickel-plated solid brass buckle to give you the best durability and performance. With KIRO MOAB gun carry leather belts, you can strap on your heavy gears with no fear or worries.


Adjustable to fit the occasion

Often than not, more strapped tactical gears mean more need to adjust your belt to get enough breathing room and functionality. With KIRO MOAB handmade leather belts, you get enough room to adjust your heavy-duty concealment belt to the volume you need to easily navigate through your day while easily deploying your weapon when needed.


The brilliant look of a new watch, outfit, bag, or gun has a way of putting a smile on people’s faces. However, as the product lingers by your side, it begins to lose its brilliance, leaving you somewhat disappointed. With KIRO MOAB CCW belt you can keep that smile on quite longer. This leather holster belt is not only built with durable materials but topped with a premium Italian vanish and edge-coat finish. This leaves you with an alluring, highly functional, and cozy belt to wound around your waist for a long while.


Only color and size that fits

KIRO gun leather belts are a long-term companion. You don’t want to settle for a CCW belt that doesn’t suit your style, color preference, and size. With KIRO MOAB handmade leather belts, you don’t have to. These heavy-duty leather belts for gun holster comes in various strategic sizes and unique hues to ensure you find the right one for you. 


Great for any occasion

Emergencies aren’t tied to a particular environment. While at the park, on a walk, or enjoying a game, and more, things may suddenly go awry requiring you to spring into action. With KIRO MOAB gun leather belt you don’t have to come unprepared. These leather gun carry belts come in a stylish and versatile design that allows you to fit in perfectly in any crowd with your gun and tactical gear securely placed by your side. From official uniforms to casual pants and dresses, KIRO concealed leather carry belts have you covered.




4.5cm (1 3/4″) wide fully-lined HD holster and hardware belts, made of 100% double-layered premium steer-hide, Includes solid brass buckle.

For instructions of how to determine your size using a belt you already have.

KIRO’s advantages and source of pride:

  • Fully-lined, double layered premium Steer-hide with Double stitching
  • Solid brass buckle / Nickel plated solid brass buckle
  • Uncompromising quality control process
  • Premium Italian Varnish and Edge-coat finish.
  • KIRO provides lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Please check our warranty page for more information.

Colors: Tan with solid brass buckle, brown or black with Nickel plated solid brass buckle:

Dark Brown:

KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Handmade Leather Belt for Gun Carry 14

Light Brown:

KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Handmade Leather Belt for Gun Carry 15


KIRO MOAB Premium Heavy Duty Handmade Leather Belt for Gun Carry 16

Click here for a dress stitched version of the belt

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