KIRO Front and Back Flip Up Sights (KA-FLUS)



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Included In The Package

  • KIRO Front Flip Up Sight
  • KIRO Back Flip Up Sight
  • Allen Key

KIRO Front Flip Up Sight

KIRO Front Flip Back Up Sight is an adjustable connection point for the Picatinny rail. The front sight is planned particularly for the center poster to help elevation with no additional tools required. KIRO Front Flip Back Up Sight is focused on the operator’s eye sight for targeting.

  • No additional tools needed for adjustment
  • Manufactured from Polymer to reduce weight
  • Spring loaded push button made to raise the sight – accessed ambidextrously
  • Mounts securely to any Picatinny
  • Center Post adjustment locks at quarter turns with a secure locked pin

KIRO Back Flip Up Sight

KIRO Rear Flip Back Up Sight is a three operator selectable all-polymer sighting conveying maximum usefulness and quality with least mass at a value that is significantly smaller than its size. The flexible Rear Flip-Up Sight adjusts to the Picatinny rail mounting applications, including the standard military A2 style; all are adjustable for windage.

    • Super low profile sights – Manufactured from polymer to reduce weight
    • Ambidextrous spring loaded push button to raise the sights
    • Designed to ensures consistant battery action
  • Rigid Picatinny mount, eliminates any wobbling
  • The large aperture is designed to be used for CQB and low light conditions

KIRO Flip Up Sights Warranty

KIRO offers a lifetime, no question asked warranty so you have nothing to worry about when purchasing it. No matter what sort of situation happens, KIRO will replace or send you a new one instead.
KIRO Front and Back Flip Up Sights (KA-FLUS) 6

KIRO Flip Up Sights Specifications

  • Made of Strong Polymer Composite
  • Lifetime no question asked warranty
  • Package dimensions (cm): 12x8x4
  • Package, Sights Included Weight (kg): 0.1


KIRO Front Flip Up Sight

  • Width (cm): 3.4
  • Height (cm): 2.5
  • Height Deployed (cm): 5
  • Length (cm): 6.5
  • Weight (kg): 0.03

KIRO Back Flip Up Sight

  • Width (cm): 4
  • Height (cm): 2.5
  • Height Deployed (cm): 5.3
  • Length (cm): 6.8
  • Weight (kg): 0.035

KIRO Flip Up Sights Compatibility

Kiro Flip Up Sights were manufactured to any Picatinny Rail perefectly.

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