KIRO Cestus - Extremely Durable Ballistic Rated Grey Range Glasses w/ High FOV - Unique Over the Glasses Design for Maximum comfort and Stability (KA-CES)

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Made from ballistically rated materials the Kiro Cestus are light and protective goggles. Very high quality polarized lenses.

The Cestus allows the insertion of normal glasses which can grant you protection without compromising the clarity of your vision.



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KIRO Cestus - Extremely Durable Ballistic Rated Grey Range Glasses w/ High FOV - Unique Over the Glasses Design for maximum comfort and stability (can be worn over other glasses) (KA-CES)


  • Comes with Black Lenses
    • Black is the most common type of lens color, it dims the bright sunlight to ease the strain on your eyes.
    • While the lenses do darken your version, black does not alter color. black tint is best for bright light situations like water sports because it blocks out the brightest of the sun’s rays.
  • Extremely Durable Lens Material
    • We choose to make our lenses from Polycarbonate (PC) because it has excellent impact-resistance and very good optical clarity. It’s affordable, lightweight, and low bulk. It is a high-performance, tough, amorphous, transparent thermoplastic, high impact strength and has high dimensional stability.
  • Extremely Durable Frame Material
    • The frame is made of polycarbonate (PC), a durable light and UV-resistant material.

How to maintain your safety glasses?

There are four steps to properly clean and care for your safety lenses:

Step 1: Lightly blow off any loose dirt or debris from your lenses.

Step 2: Rinse your lenses with cool water or spray the cleaning solution directly onto the lenses.

Step 3: Use a lens-safe tissue provided at the cleaning station to dry and wipe clean. Let the lenses air dry before re-wearing.

Step 4: Important to use a soft microfiber cloth or eyewear approved tissue to dry the lens after rinsing off with water. 

Note: If you’re not immediately putting the safety eyewear on, store it in a secure spot like a pouch. Never put unprotected safety eyewear in your pocket.


KIRO Unlimited lifetime warranty

KIRO is an Israeli based company founded by IDF (Israel Defense Forces) officers & veterans serving since 1972 combining extensive operational experience with the understanding of modern challenges.

Extreme challenges may damage our products but not our commitment

Our customers spend time in the harshest environments, in case of a problem with one of our products, It doesn’t matter how it happened and who’s fault it was, we promise to take care of you

Warranty does not cover loss, theft, deliberate damage, or cosmetic damage not affecting the performance of the product

For more information check warranty page on our website: www.kiro-inc.com


  • Cleaning cloth, soft case
  • PC frame material
  • 400 UV protection
  • Meets CE, FDA and Z87.10 Standard
  • Size: 133x165mm, Nose Width: 15mm
  • Weight: 36g

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