IGB Austria Standard, 7.5", 16" Threaded Barrels for Gen 3 & 4 Glock 17, 19, 20, 22, 34, 22, 31 - Slightly Used

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These Threaded barrels have been slightly used, made by the manufacturer.

They are fully functional and will provide the same results as a perfect barrel.




This product is compatible with Glock Gen 3 and 4. It won't fit Gen 5 Glocks! However, If you are interested in a model that does fit the Gen 5, please contact us.

We are the representatives of the IGB Austria company.

  • The products will be shipped directly from our warehouse in the US.
  • Shipping time is 1-5 business days on selected models! (Other models may take up to 2 months since they are manufactured by request).
  • Only sold in the US
IGB Austria Standard, 7.5", 16" Threaded Barrels for Gen 3 & 4 Glock 17, 19, 20, 22, 34, 22, 31 - Slightly Used 4
IGB Austria Standard, 7.5", 16" Threaded Barrels for Gen 3 & 4 Glock 17, 19, 20, 22, 34, 22, 31 - Slightly Used 5

Technical Features:

Material:European High Gradel Barrel Steel
Surface color:very dark grey to black
Inner Profile:IGB Hexagonal Profile/IGB Polygonal Profile
Length:7.5" (191 mm), 16" (404 mm)
Caliber:9x19, .40S&W, 10mm
Thread @ MuzzleNone
AmmunitionNo restriction, compatible with reloader ammo
Semi-auto function:Engineered for use with a stock system!
Twist Rate1:10 Inch
QualityIGB Barrels are all Match Grade

Key Features:

  • Cold Forged Steel: Unsurpassed density: The special IGB Austria rifling is produced by forcing the tool through the barrel under tons of pressure. The result is precise, mirror polished barrels with great strength and durability.
  • Quality: IGB Austria barrels are machined on specially designed machines optimized for pistol barrel production to ensure the best quality.
  • Warranty: 50.000 rounds or 5 years for use of factory loaded ammunition according to C.I.P or SAAMI standards are unmatched on the world market.
  • Plasma Hardening: There is no better way. Diamond hard smooth surfaces without the known weaknesses of tenifer process (loss of material flakes on inner surfaces).
  • Quality Assurance: Each and ever IGB Austria barrel is checked for dimensions, function, and accuracy before leaving the factory.
  • All IGB products are "drop-in", easy to install by experienced users. No gunsmith or permanent changes required!
  • Compatible with Reloader Ammo!

How to use:

Field strip your gun - follow gun manufacturers manual!
Step 1:Replace your barrel with the IGB barrel
Step 2:Reassemble the gun
Step 3:Attach your stock system

Shipping & Warranty:

WarrantySatisfaction Guarantee. Factory ammo and proper stock system required.
ShippingFrom our warehouse in the US.
Average Delivery Time1-5 Business days if in stock in the warehouse in Las Vegas, otherwise up to 7 weeks if sent from Europe.

IGB Austria Barrel Manufacturing Process:

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Barrel Length

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