Holosun 509 Adapter for MOS (509 MOS)

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The Holosun 509PLT-MOS9MM is designed to attach the Holosun HE509T optic to Glock MOS slides without using multiple adapter plates. Install the 509PLT-MOS9MM adapter plate directly to your 9mm/.40 MOS slide using the provided screws and then attach your HE509T to the plate for a lower overall height.




Holosun 509 Adapter for MOS Features

  • 1 oz Steel Plate
  • MOS slide to HE509T interface

Holosun Spacer 510C Specification

    • Length (in) : 1.9
    • Height (in) : 0.15
    • Width (in) : 1
    • Weight (oz) : 1.72
    • Material: Steel

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