G2CCP Upgrade Fab Defense M4 Style Collapsible Stock with Cheek Piece for KPOS G2

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The FAB G2 CCP Upgrades The Original Buttstock to M4 Style GLR-16 Buttstock With Cheek Piece.



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  • Non slip buttpad design for superior shoulder positioning and tactical performance
  • Adjustable Cheek Piece for optimal use of optics
  • After market sized 6061 hard anodized aluminum buffer tube
  • Water proof anti rattle storage compartment for two CR123 or AA batteries
  • Integrated quick detach sling swivel connectors on both sides
  • Locking is released by the push of a button
  • Spring lock on folded position, opens by a simple pulling motion and locks
  • Right folding stock by default


  • All KPOS G2 Models.
  • Does not fit KPOS G1 Models


  • Weight    611 gr
  • Width     66 mm
  • Height    132 mm
  • Length    252 mm
  • Height (open / deployed)    163 mm
  • Length (open / deployed)    325 mm

About K.P.O.S

Our modern K.P.O.S. (second generation) P.D.W. Conversion Kit upgrades your standard handgun and convert your weapon to a special operations set.

The II Generation K.P.O.S. is used by the IDF, SWAT and police forces around the world.

WIth it's small size, it helps you maintain no retention for best use at a medium distance when in close contact secret operations and gives the opportunity to enhance performance competence for excellent results.

The small frame of the K.P.O.S. G2 is made of strong anodized aluminum to give it solid structure and very light weight. it keeps proper heat distribution (for C models) due to it's ventilation design, it's AR15 handle mechanism of loading and cocking type makes it easy and convenient to useIt has removable front flash hider for silencer assembles with one bolt only and a non-removable holding plate attached to it's back frame, so you can not lose it.

In addition it combines full length rail on top together with rails on sides and bottom and has a folding rubber buttstock that can be adjusted for perfect fitting on any ground conditions.

This new Model is quick and simple to install, it requires no special modifications and can easily be assembled in hands, while free standing. 

The G2 K.P.O.S. comes with the F-GGK two-Position trigger guard foregrip which modifies horizontal mode to vertical one by a push of a button for greater weapon's safety when loaded chamber is secured, as well as a Lifetime warranty.

G2 K.P.O.S.dimensions are as follow:

  • Weight 960 gr
  • Width 59 mm
  • Height 146 mm
  • Length 370 mm
  • Length (open / deployed) 598 mm

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