FGG-K 45 FAB Defense Integrated Foregrip And Trigger Guard for Pistols (Non NFA - Not AOW)

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Two-Position foregrip transforms from horizontal to vertical. incorporating an adjustable sliding trigger guard enhancing your weapons safety. KPOS Compatible.




The FGGK 45 Degrees Two-Position foregrip transforms from a fully horizontal position to 45 degrees horizontal position by the push of a button, incorporating an adjustable sliding trigger guard enhancing your weapons safety feature and provides a tactical variant to your natural "fighting stance".

This new version of the FGGK is considered a NON NFA Grip, which means, it will not make a pistol an AOW!

FGGK 45 Degrees Features:

  • Trigger guard enhances your weapon's safety features by securing "Loaded Chamber" carry
  • Designed for quick and easy operation
  • Easily fits on firearm and secured to the accessory rail by 2 bolts
  • Fits handguards equipped with a Weaver or Picatinny rail system
  • No gunsmith required
  • Molded from reinforced polymer composite, super lightweight
  • Allows you to toggle between two positions, fully horizontal position that functions as trigger guard for your pistol and 45 Degrees Position which allows you to get a better grip over your system while still keeping your system/pistol non-nfa.


Weight 104 gr
Width 42 mm
Height 38 mm
Length 153 mm
Width (open / deployed) 42 mm
Height (open / deployed) 102 mm
Length (open / deployed) 63 mm

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