FCH FAB Defense Glock Steel Ambidextrous Tactical Single Handed Cocking Handle

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The FCH Glock Cocking Handle allows tactical cocking function. Ideal for single handed operation.



  • Enables single-handed cocking of Glock handgun
  • Useful when one hand is injured
  • Useful when driving: enables the driver to cock weapon while keeping one hand on the wheel
  • Fits all Glock pistols
  • Cocking handle base replaces slide cover plate
  • Almost any common object can provide counter pressure for charging a Glock with cocking handle: belt, pants waist, vest, railing, table, chair
  • Quick attachment & removal of the handle to/from the plate while the base remains mounted
  • Switches quickly to adapt to left-handed or right-handed shooters
  • Durable steel construction
  • Ideal for emergency situations


Fits all Glock pistols


  • Weight 21 gr
  • Width 40 mm
  • Height 13 mm
  • Length 16 mm

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