FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod with 5 leg positions Best for Ergonomic use

FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod With 5 Leg Positions Best For Ergonomic Use




The FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod with 5 leg positions Best for Ergonomic use is a fully functional Bipod designed for precision shooting.

The FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod with 5 leg positions Best for Ergonomic use fits a wide variety of weapons that have a Rail System such as the AR15, M4, AK-47, VZ58, Tavor, Shotgun and others.

Precision shooting will require a steady holding position, that will make your arms and hands feel tired after a while if you don't have the right ergonomic usability.
That is the reason why FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod will be a great solution for your needs! When you are in the field and you need to work in different tactical positions, the SPIKE Tactical Bipod will work the best.

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Table of content

  • Ergonomic design
  • Firearm adaptable design
  • Five different height positions
  • 60˚ Swivel pan
  • No tools detachable feet
  • Materials 
  • Weight
  • Full Specs

Easily hit your targets with FAB Defense Spike ergonomic design

When on the field every second count. Say goodbye to late support deployment and rigid design. The new FAB Defense Spike tactical ergonomic bipod comes with great stability, speed, and flexibility. From its swivel pan, interchangeable fit to its multiple height locking systems, you have all you need to take the weight off your shoulder and to hit the zero in diverse tactical situations.


Save cost with FAB Defense Spike

Having lots of bipods or tripods with you can be a curse instead of a blessing. While it might help you with all the firearms you have on you or in your arsenal, it doesn’t do you any service in regards to weight, bulkiness, and cost. FAB tactical rifle bipod helps you do more and save more with its adaptable design. With the FAB Defense Spike, you can mount and use loads of your weapons seamlessly as long as they own a rail system. From the M4, AK-47, AR15, Shotgun, Tavor, to the VZ58 FAB has you covered.


Work with your trusted bipod in any position

 Isn’t it so frustrating when you can’t get a clear shot with your bipod because it can’t go any further? We know this, and that’s why the FAB Defense Spike bipod comes with five different and carefully selected positions to ensure you get a clear shot, whether you are sitting, bending, or in a prone position. With just one leg pull, you get a quick height adjustment from 0˚, 45˚, 90˚, 135˚, to 180˚


Cross your aim at all time with a 60˚ swivel pan

Taking your shot and repositioning your more restricted bipod might be used to you, but it brings a higher level of frustration when working on a restricted ground. Let FAB Defense Spike make things quick, easy, and not frustrating with our full 60-degree rotation stud. The FAB 60˚ swivel pan comes with a spring-loaded mechanism and a 20˚ canting movement on both sides to ensure you adjust and gain accurate shots at all times.


Switch bipod feet on the go

Aren’t you tired of trying to pull a bipod’s feet off only to meet a stubborn material that won’t budge? Or be forced to bring along with you your tools to ensure you get your bipod feet changed to a fitting material? We do, and that’s why the FAB Spikes tactical bipod comes with an upgrade. Say goodbye to stubborn footwear and tools and yes to one push and release feet system. Our FAB tactical rifle bipod comes with a Quick Interchangeable Feet design that allows you to change the feet of your bipod while on the go for fast deployment.


Enjoy durability like never before

Cheap products could look premium and fill you with joy, but as the months progress, the adverse effects start to smile back at you, leaving you prone to the risk of losing your much-needed support in the hit of action. FAB tactical ergonomic bipod is here to ensure that never happens to you even after years of usage. Combining the durability, toughness, and superiority of steel, aluminum, and high-performance composite polymer, FAB provides the right material for each part of your bipod to ensure less wear and tear, higher resistance, and longevity.


Your lightweight companion for the longer days

The weight of your tactical rifle bipod might not be much to you when engaged in short hunting or tactical shooting sessions. But when on those long days or hours of hunting, the weight matters a lot as each extra pound could make your journey seem unbearable. With the FAB Defense Spike tactical bipod, you don’t need to worry about this! Our bipod spots a fair weight at 12.5 ounces without sacrificing quality. Hence, ensuring you get a durable and ergonomic device you can count on at all times.


FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod Advantages:

  • Independent Leg Adjustment with 5 Different Length Settings Accommodates Various Tactical Positioning for Dynamic Terrain Scenarios
  • Quick Interchangeable Feet Using No Tools
  • Height Range 180 to 290 mm (Height measured at the 90 Degree Leg Position)
  • Smart Hybrid Construction, Steel Aluminium, and High-Performance Composite Polymer
  • Quick Pull Leg Height Adjustment
  • 60 Degree Pan With Spring Loaded Mechanism

FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod Dimensions:

  • Weight 335 g
  • Width 45 mm
  • Height 163 mm
  • Length 70 mm

FAB Defense Spike Tactical Bipod Compatibility:

  • All firearms with an underside 1913 MIL-STD Picatinny rail.



Video Review of the Fab Defense Spike Tactical Bipod


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