Fab Defense KPOS G1 PDW Conversion Kit for Glock and Sig

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The 'K.P.O.S.' Pistol to Personal Defense Weapon Converter is the most compact and durable PDW converter available which incorporates a Five-point ergonomic weapon grip, a one-point tactical sling adapter, and a fold-to-the side compact Buttstock with rubber buttpad. Fab innovative patented design which securely locks the gun to the chassis in both the front and back, makes it a ‘Rock-Solid’ system crowning it the 'King' of Personal Defense Weapon conversions.

With it's small size, it helps you maintain no retention for best use at a medium distance when in close contact secret operations and gives the opportunity to enhance performance competence for excellent results.

In addition it combines full length rail on top together with rails on sides and bottom and has a folding rubber buttstock that can be adjusted for perfect fitting on any ground conditions.

This new Model is quick and simple to install, it requires no special modifications and can easily be assembled in hands, while free standing. no table or any other platform needed!

KPOS G1 Features:

  • Designed for Professional and Tactical Teams, Ideal for Personal Protection and S.W.A.T.
  • Excellent Conceal ability Capability,Very Compact in Size,Smaller than a Mini-Uzi
  • Manufactured with Super Solid Precision Machined Aluminum 6061-T6 Hard Anodized 40-45 Micron
  • Appropriately Ventilated Design Prevents Extreme Heat Up
  • Improves Your Handguns Accuracy and Range
  • Top Quality Aluminum Manufacture Reduces Part Carbon Buildup ''NEW'' Adjustable' Fold to the Side' Buttstock with Rubber Buttpad May Operate when Stock is in Folded Position
  • Vertical Foregrip Folds to Horizontal Position and Transforms into a Versatile, Pressure Button Controlled, Extendable Trigger-guard When in Non- Operational Mode
  • Retains Use of the Original Iron Sights
  • Allows Mounting of a Foregrip,Tactical Flashlight, Optics, Laser
  • Silencer Compatible
  • Quick and Easy Installation , No Gunsmith Required!
  • Lifetime Warranty!

There are 5 versions available:

  • KPOS G1 for Glock 17/17L/19/22/23/34/35
  • KPOS G1 for Glock 18
  • KPOS G1 for Glock 21
  • KPOS G1 for Sig 2022 Pro
  • KPOS G1 for Sig 226 Standard Model with Under-Rail

Generation 1 K.P.O.S. Dimensions Are As Follow:

  • Weight 760 gr
  • Width 56 mm
  • Height 140 mm
  • Length 345 mm
  • Length (open / deployed) 550 mm

On every purchase you get those add-ons for FREE:

  • One Point "Bungee" Rifle Sling (worth 19.95$),
  • FGG-K Tactical folding "Safety" grip (worth 49.95$),
  • FBS + RBS FAB Defense Front + Rear Back-Up Sight (worth 75.95$),
  • The new KPOS Bag and a Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty! (priceless!)

Note to US buyers:

All US buyers need an SBR tax stamp to assemble the KPOS and their pistol together.

Here is a simple guide that explains how to get the stamp: https://www.zfi-inc.com/how-to-get-your-sbr-tax-stamp

*** The KPOS Pathfinder version does not require a tax stamp.

Check out FAB Defense VIP Protection Drill using their KPOS:

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