Clearance Sale! M1/MX SCORPUS Fab Defense 1911 Level 2 Holster (Paddle+Belt+Molle Attachments) - black, right hand

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Compatible with 1911 Pistols with and without Picatinny rail




The M1 is our first and most familiar holster configuration; with interchangeable belt adapters and Cant adjustment of 20 degrees, the holster can easily change from zero Cant up to ?10 degrees, enabling the operator to customize the holster for his specific needs and modes of carry.

Scorpus Level 2 Retention System - features two separate opposing retention devices that capture the trigger guard of the handgun, one pressure activated locking lever and one spring based retention device.

This combined system ensures that even when the locking lever is deactivated by the operator, the handgun is still held by the spring based retention device. To draw the handgun, the operator must firmly hold the grip, push on the pressure activated locking lever and then perform a clean draw.

360 degrees cant holster, also called "Scorpus MX":

The MX is the holster for the professional who is looking for versatility and performance.

With a 360 degree swivel, the operator can adjust the holster to any desired cant, and with our new MolleX? adapter, the holster can be placed on standard MOLLE load bearing vests and plate carriers. Supplied also with our belt-loop and paddle adapters, the operator has three attachment options to choose from, enabling him to adapt his gear to his mission.

Included in the Package:

  • Scorpus Level 2 Holster for 1911 pistols, black, right hand
  • Belt Adapter
  • Paddle Adapter
  • If you purchase the MX version (360 degrees cant) than you'll also receive Molle adapter


  • Excellent handgun protection in a slim and streamlined design
  • The Scorpus Level 2 Retention System - Featuring two separate mechanisms, for truly secure hand gun retention.
  • Special finger channel design, keeps index finger safely positioned during draw
  • Holster supplied with two interchangeable belt adapters; Paddle and Belt Loop
  • Features a secure 20 degree Cant adjustment option for both belt adapters
  • Belt loop adjustable to fit wide verity of belts, 34-72 mm(1.3 inch-2.8 inch)


  • 1911 Pistols with and without Picatinny rail


Durable fiberglass reinforced polymer composite construction

  • MX SCORPUS? FAB Defense Level 2 Swivel Holster - Left Hand, 360 Degrees Cant, Tan

The M1 Scorpus Holster is Available for the Following Pistol Models:

  • Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 41 - M1-G9
  • Glock 20, 21, 29, 30, 40 - M1-G21
  • Glock 43 - M1-G43
  • SIG SAUER P226 models excluding the MK 25 & LDC models - M1-226
  • S&W M&P 9/.40 Full frame and Pro models - M1-M&P
  • H&K USP 9mm/.40/.45 Full-size models - M1-USP
  • Makarov PM - M1-MAK
  • Jericho full frame 9mm / .40 Steel or Polymer models - M1-941
  • 1911 5 Inch Barrel, including Colt government models Railed and non-railed (not including Colt Rail Gun?) - M1-1911
  • CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow (Gen1) - M1-SP-01

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