Ceramic Plate Protection Level IV (4) Stand alone

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Strong, Multi-hit plate. Supplies level IV (4) protection Stand Alone



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A ceramic plate, is a plate that is an add-on component/insert to a ballistic vest. Its primary purpose is to absorb and disrupt the kinetic energy of a bullet impact and reduce the blunt trauma transferred to the wearer of the vest.

Ceramic Plate Protection Level IV (4) Stand alone 6

Technical details:

  • Plate is made out of ceramic Alumina.
  • Manufactured with light weigh, durable, Kevlar fabric
  • Includes a fabric water proof cover made out of Kordura by DuPont.
  • Protection level IV (4).

Stand Alone:

This plate is designed to achieve NIJ Level III protection and is a “Stand Alone” plate. “Stand Alone” plates are designed and tested to defeat ballistic threats using the plate only.

No ballistic vest is required, as all the ballistic energy and fragments are stopped in the plate. These plates are usually reserved for tactical operations or anti-terrorist work where the ammunition threat is unknown, or if the wearing of a vest is considered too cumbersome.

Ballistic levels:

Bullet proof vests are designed to ‘trap’ and slow bullets down as they attempt to pass through the vest. Bullet Proof Vests come in two different types; hard and soft. The ‘soft’ armors are designed to protect against most handgun and small arms ammunition, whereas ‘hard’ armors are designed to stop high caliber and armor piercing rounds.

The NIJ classifies all armors in the following levels:

    NIJ Level IIa NIJ Level II NIJ Level IIIa NIJ Level III NIJ Level IV
  Areal Density 3.5 kg/m 4.2 kg/m 5.9 kg/m 25.9 kg/m 32.5 kg/m
.22mm short   x x x x x
.9mm   x x x x x
.45mm   x x x x x
.380mm   x x x x x
.38mm   x x x x x
.22mm long     x x x x
.44 Magnum       x x x
.30 Carbine         x x
5.56mm         x x
7.62mm NATO         x x
.30-06         x x
.30 Armour Piercing (M2 AP)           x



  • Size: 300x250 mm ± 5. = 10X12 inch
  • Weight: ±3400 gr. =  7 pounds and 8.16 ounces

About ceramic Alumina:

Aluminium Oxide, Al2O3 is a major engineering material. It offers a combination of good mechanical properties and electrical properties leading to a wide range of applications.

Typical Alumina characteristics include:

  • Good strength and stiffness
  • Good hardness and wear resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good thermal stability
  • Excellent dielectric properties (from DC to GHz frequencies)
  • Low dielectric constant

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