is a unique system that creates a safety network for hunters to increase situational awareness and assist in preventing friendly-fire incidents. By attaching a shooter device that fits most rifles, shooters will be automatically alerted when another SAFESHOOT device holder is downrange and in their line of fire. The system does not need line of sight because the SAFESHOOT advanced system uses radio frequency (RF) communication. Take a safe shot with SAFESHOOT

Company Story

Three founding members had a distinct vision to grow a company into a world leader by offering a variety of safety products for potentially life-threatening situations. Having been exposed to tragic incidents of friendly fire, these seasoned military and professional entrepreneurs decided to devote themselves to finding a solution to this serious phenomenon (more than 20% of those wounded in the battlefield are due to friendly fire). Utilizing their skills in technology development and management, along with a rich military background, the group developed a revolutionary, unique and comprehensive solution to friendly fire - SafeShoot. At that stage the system’s operational concept had been formalized and proof of concept testing completed. Friendly-fire accidents are a major challenge for military forces, Law Enforcement and civilians (outdoor hunting). Although hunting in the U.S. is mainly a social event – it is still quite a dangerous one.

Outdoor Hunting Field

In most regions of the world hunting is considered sport. Hunting is an old family tradition, a very common and attractive social event. The thrill of the hunt is compelling, as typically stated by some avid hunters: "We hunt to live, we live to hunt." However, hunting may still be dangerous! The hunting accident is an all-too-common event experienced throughout the world since mankind first hunted for food with long range weapons. The risk of friendly fire increases during gun-hunting season when literally millions of people take to the woods. Many systems have made different attempts at target recognition to overcome this friendly fire problem; however, they are yet to provide an adequate level of protection. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jem09bw0siM

SafeShoot solution

SafeShoot provides a comprehensive solution to assist in preventing friendly-fire incidents without altering the behavior of firearms users Based on our personal experience and expertise, while focusing on the most updated technology, we offer the best comprehensive solution to these challenging and demanding markets. Each participant in a shooting activity is equipped with a SafeShoot device. Upon taking aim, the system immediately and automatically alerts shooters when there is a high risk of friendly-fire, thus assisting in preventing a potentially disastrous outcome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czWTFMzFr5M   The product is intended to be easy to use, lightweight and small in size, and tailored to specific needs. The hunting (civilian) and HLS products are applicable to the following: 1. Short range firearms such as shotgun or bow 2. Long range firearms such as high velocity rifles 3. Unarmed participants / dogs

The Products

Two types: Shooter device and Defender device. The Shooter device is intended for the armed party member. • Hunter equipped with shooting device It easily attaches to most firearms : e.g. barrel, rifle, shotgun, scopes, bow, The Defender device is intended for configuration when only individual position is required or non-armed users including dogs and guides.

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