New Product - FAB Defense - KPOS Scout Conversion Kit

FAB Defense - KPOS Scout Conversion Kit

FAB Defense has released it's new product for 2018:

KPOS Scout is the new PDW Conversion kit made by FAB Defense.
New Product - FAB Defense - KPOS Scout Conversion Kit 1

The new product is the result of efficiency, improvement, and innovation of FAB Defense.
The new product is smaller than its predecessors, giving the user advanced concealment options, useful in narrower locations, faster and more efficient mobility options.

Not only that the product is smaller in size, but it is also has a lower weight than it's predecessors, the KPOS G1 and KPOS G2, which where weighting about 1 KG, the new KPOS Scout is going to be weighing approximately 30% less than it's predecessors.

New Product - FAB Defense - KPOS Scout Conversion Kit 2

You can View the Measurement comparison in the table below:

Generation 1 KPOS Dimensions Are As Follow:

Generation 2 KPOS Dimensions Are As Follow:

KPOS Scout Dimensions Are As Follow:

Weight 760 gr
Width 56 mm
Height 140 mm
Length 345 mm
Length (open / deployed) 550 mm

Weight 960 gr
Width 59 mm
Height 146 mm
Length 370 mm
Length (open / deployed) 598 mm

Weight 690 gr
Width 60 mm
Height 170 mm
Length 324 mm
Length (open / deployed) 540 mm

The Advantages of the new KPOS Scout for Glock:


Built-in AR15 Style Charging/Cocking Handle Mechanism making it Ambidextrous and Comfortable.
Folding Rubber Stabilization Tube Pad Very Comfortable Perfect Fit Easy to Conceal.
Quick and Easy Installation Requires No Special Assembly or Handgun Modification
Incorporates Full-Length Upper Rail with One Piece Side & Lower Rails
Smallest & Lightest frame (Folded or Open) Compared to Any Alternative
Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty
New Product - FAB Defense - KPOS Scout Conversion Kit 3

KPOS Scout for Glock Compatibility:

The new KPOS Scout for Glock Generation 3, 4, 5 (Including C Models) will be compatible with:

Glock 17
Glock 19
Glock 22
Glock 23
Glock 25
Glock 31
Glock 32

KPOS Scout comes with (Package Includes):

KPOS Scout with Folding Buttstock
Bungee Sling
FGGK - Foregrip

New Product - FAB Defense - KPOS Scout Conversion Kit 4

(Some information may be modified after the official release).

The KPOS Scout conversion kit for the Glock is going to be a great addition to your arsenal, and if you are looking to get one for yourself, then you can pre-order it right now!

The price for pre-order is $299.95 and if you get it now, you will be one of the first to own it!

And if you are one of our VIP Club members you will get additional 10% Discount for every product on our website!

(To become a VIP Club member you need to register on our website)

To pre-order the KPOS Scout go to the product page here:

FAB Defense KPOS Scout for Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 25, 31, 32 Pre - Order

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