Enhance Your Protection - External Body Armor Add-Ons

If you are now purchasing, or already own a ZFI External body armor, you are guaranteed to receive the best protection available. However, your vest, like all standard vests, will only provide protection of the torso.

External body armors traditionally protect the mid-section of the body only – thus providing protection from most fatal wounds, while keeping the armor as light and not restrictive as possible. These are all great attributes for basic protection, but it is not necessarily the best solution for YOU.

Different people tackle different situations, some of which require additional protection. Adding bullet-proof add-ons to your body armor can help optimize your body armor, so it will best fit your needs. The add-ons available are:

Neck protection: Also called Gorget, Wraps around the neck, and protects it from all sides.

Shoulder protection: Protects the shoulder and upper arms.

Side protection: It’s easy to forget that the body armor does not provide any protection from the sides, only

Front and back: Side protection completes the protection of the torso.

Groin protection: Provides protection to the pelvis and genitalia. Not a part you would like to neglect, ha?

The Add-ons anchor to your vest by Velcro, so they and are designed to cause minimum movement restriction.

How much do they weight? Each weights no more then 500gr. However, in spite of the great design, and the seemingly insignificant weight, you should REMEMBER that each add-on will change how you feel and how you move inside your body armor. You should always wear a new item in a safe environment first, and practice moving.

You can find all the Add-Ons for sale here: https://www.zfi-inc.com/en/external-body-armor-protection-level-iii

Please don't hesitate to Ask us any question you might have about our Body Armor Add-Ons: https://www.zfi-inc.com/en/contactus

Enhance Your Protection - External Body Armor Add-Ons 1

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