Buttstocks - Never Settle or Less Than The Best

It doesn't matter if it's a shotgun, a rifle or even a sniper rifle, the buttstock is the basic feature of any rifle, influencing both its accuracy, and comfort of use.

Buttstocks - Never Settle or Less Than The Best 1

Not only your buttstock effects the stability of the rifle, which can be interpreted dirrectly to more accurate shooting, it also effects your comfort , an issue which becomes extremely important in intensive shooting. As an officer in the Israeli army I can assure you that the difference between a good an a bad buttstock makes all the difference in the world.

FAB defense SBT buffer tube presented:

A good buttstock should be designed to absorb recoil, and allow you to increase the ease and the speed, in which you aim and fire, especially in rapid fire.

The GL-SHOCK by my understanding is the ultimate buttstock:

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