Bullet Proof Vest Makes a Difference

A few things:

1. Large cover area - Our vests cover in average 0.36 sqm, the entire front torso (sizes change depending on vest size).

2. Level of protection - All our vests will give you the highest level of protection available in soft armor vests. For additional information:NIJ level III-A . The NIJ standards dectate level 3A vests should have 24 layers of Goldflex. We manufacture with 25 layers.

3. The best armor material in the market - we use theGoldflex from Honeywell it is the lightest , thinnest and strongest of all ballistic fabrics.

4. Comfort - the vests are made with the newest technology, to make them as comfortable as possible for daily use. A cotton lining, makes them comfortable to wear underneath any shirt ,no undershirt needed.

5. Usability- All parts are washable (delicate wash). A carry bag is also available, for easy transport:


6.Warranty - We offer 5 years warranty.





Bullet Proof Vest Makes a Difference 1
Bullet Proof Vest Makes a Difference 2
Bullet Proof Vest Makes a Difference 3
Bullet Proof Vest Makes a Difference 4

Check our models: https://www.zfi-inc.com/en/bullet-proof-vests

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