FAB AR-15 fully accessories with omc

Last week at the 2014 Shot Show FAB Defense® introduced several innovative specialty made
developments for the civilian market, offering creative solutions for sportsman and those looking to better defend their home.

Among these developments, the Pentagon and the Opposite Magazine Couplers were clearly at the center of attention throughout the show.

Both are complementary to the Ultimag 10R polymer magazine that was introduced last month and are offering innovative coupling options for shooters effected by the 10 rounds magazine limitation.

Some Youtube vidoes from SHOT:

PMC Kit FAB Defense Pantagon 5 Magazine Coupler

The PMC is an innovative solution for the civilian market where the 10 rounds magazine limitation is applied.

it offers a specialty made external coupling option for five Ultimag 10R FAB-Defense polymer magazines.


OMC kit opposite 2 magazine coupler

OMC Kit FAB Defense Opposite 2 Magazine Coupler

The OMC is the more conservative younger brother of the PMC and offers a creative coupling solution for two Ultimag 10R magazines.
Unlike similar looking solutions, the OMC is a specialty made external magazine coupler which can be removed and reattached at any given moment with only one screw.

The OMC is also available for distributor orders as a kit with 2 Ultimag 10R magazines as of this week.



Gotcha Cap Self Defense Tool 


The Gotcha Cap is the latest self-defense and survival product by Hanover Toolbox.
It combines a highly effective and user friendly less-lethal self-defense tool and a high quality tactical cap, providing you with an ever useful solution for day to day life with protection from the sun and much more.

Now available in black, dark earth, olive drab green and digital camo.


KPOS Pathfinder PDW Conversion kit (non NFA) 

The KPOS G2 we know and love so much in the Civilian version no SBR tax needed & Legal in all states.